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Divorce Requirements

These are the divorce requirements in Thailand. If you are getting divorced in Thailand then you should speak to a divorce lawyer in Thailand who can provide you with proper legal advice as the divorce courts in Thailand are very slow and the process can be costly. Ending a marriage can occur either by the death of your spouse, an annulment or by divorce.

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Divorce Litigation

It is always best to try an avoid divorce litigation in Thailand as the process is very slow and costly. If you have moved back to your home country then the litigation becomes even more expensive. This as you would have to appear in court from time to time. Most times you would normally only need to appear at the beginning and during certain sections of the trial. The court would normally postpone the litigation for a few months to give you time to come to Thailand. This makes these types of litigation a very drawn out affair.

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Property & Divorce in Thailand

The laws in Thailand have changed over the years. In the 1950’s the husband had control over all the property in the marriage however this had changed in the 1970’s when joint control became part of Thai law. According to the latest statistics divorces are on the rise and many do file a damages claim during a divorce. Divorce litigation in Thailand are mainly issues with property or child custody.

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Defending a Divorce

Defending a divorce requires you to seek advice and guidance from a family lawyer in Thailand. The most common divorce issues in Thailand tend to be extra-marital affairs. Gambling debts and unrealistic expectations from close family members will follow. You would normally defend a divorce as most times there would also be a claim for damages. This is where legal advice becomes paramount.

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Damages in Divorce

Damages in divorce is complex. Getting divorced in Thailand can take one of two roads. The first is by mutual agreement which is much cheaper and also very fast as it only need to be filed at the district office with a divorce agreement. If both parties are agreeable to the settlement then many of the issues such as damages, property and child custody can be settled. Speak to an attorney about this.

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