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Divorce Lawyer in Thailand

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Thailand? If you are going to get divorced in Thailand then speak to a lawyer in Thailand for proper legal advice and assistance. There are a number of issues with getting divorced and these are covered on this website. See the break down below for more information.

Prenuptial Agreements

You will need a copy of your prenuptial agreement when you go and see an attorney. This could be one that had been drafted in Thailand or abroad. Also ensure that you have the contact details of the attorney who drafted the agreement as there might be more questions. In addition see the prenuptial agreements as well as annulment in Thailand. Likewise also see the divorce lawyer in Thailand as well as the change of custodial rights in Thailand.

Divorce by Mutual Consent

Even if there is no dispute you are best advised to speak to a family lawyer about this unopposed divorce. The agreement needs to be checked and properly drafted. It is still the most common divorce in Thailand where there are not children or property involved. Not many expats go this way however as there are always major disputes.

Divorce Litigation

This can be very costly in Thailand so consider what it is that you are disputing. If there are small disputes such as a car then you should speak to a lawyer about this as the litigation costs could be higher than the value of a cheap second hand car. Always take legal advice from an attorney in Thailand.

Child Custody in Thailand

These are the most complex divorces in Thailand and they take a while to complete. You will need to seek legal advice on child custody in Thailand as it becomes very complex. The issue of child maintenance or child alimony also becomes a major issue. Search this website for more information to give you an overview of the divorce process.

Always take legal advice in Thailand when it comes to a divorce.

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