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Divorce in Thailand

This is how to get divorced in Thailand. There are also issues such as the divorce process as well as the cost of the divorce in Thailand. You will note that there is also the issue of child custody as well as child alimony or child support. Always take advice from a divorce lawyer in Thailand for more assistance. This is how the Divorce in Thailand works.

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Procedures for Child Custody

These are the procedures for child custody in Thailand. You can see the difference when it comes to child custody in Thailand. You can also look at the article on child custody in Thailand for more information, Below you will note that there is a difference between mutual consent as well as married and unmarried couples. Always take legal advice from an attorney in Thailand as this website only gives you a broad overview of the legal issues. There is also the option for mediation in child custody.

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Change of Custodial rights in Thailand

If you want to the change of custodial rights in Thailand done then read this. When couples with children decide to get a divorce in Thailand, considering it as with mutual consent, the most essential agreement will be on which of the parent would have custody of the children. However, in some of these cases. The parent with custody rights tends to change their minds and later on decide to change custodial powers.

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