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Divorce Law in Thailand

If you are married and live in Thailand then you will need to understand the divorce law in Thailand. There are two options when getting divorce. The first is the most common with expats and this is an administrative divorce. This can be done at the amphurs office where you have a divorce agreement drafted. Most lawyers in Thailand will draft the divorce agreement. There is no litigation in this process as both parties agree with the agreement.

Divorce law in Thailand

When it comes to litigation then this can become very costly. Most times the courts will need you to appear at least once during litigation and when it is needed. This is because many expats return  to their home country when they get divorced. The Thai courts do make concessions in this regards. Most litigated divorces in Thailand tend to be either over property or child custody. Likewise see the procedures for Child Custody as well as divorce in Thailand. In addition also the contested divorce in Thailand as well as the divorce law in Thailand.

The child custody is a very problematic one. The Thai courts are full of these cases and it will take a while to complete. Thai divorces have been on the rise and the Thai Family Courts are very busy. You can also try mediation as the divorce laws in Thailand do allow for this where it is not only more cost effective but also much faster. Speak to a Thai family lawyer about this as an option.

Contested Divorce in Thailand

Marriage Annulment in Thailand

Divorce Agreements

Always take proper legal advice when it comes to Thailand. Ensure that you have not signed or agreed to sign any agreements that have not been read. Also ensure that you have all the needed documents such as marriage certificate and birth certificates at the ready. Divorce in Thailand can be very stressful not only on you but also to the children. See the rest fo the website for more information or contact us for further assistance.


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