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Contested Divorce in Thailand

This is about your contested Divorce in Thailand. A divorce in Thailand can be filed as Contested Divorce and Uncontested Divorce. When you and your partner are going through a difficult separation and unable to sort out mutually, then it has to go through court under a contested divorce.

Contested Divorce in Thailand

The Contested Divorce can be filed if and only if one party wants to end the marriage. It will be handled in court and will only take effect when there will be enough grounds presented and proved for divorce under Thai law. Likewise see the procedures for Child Custody as well as divorce in Thailand. In addition also the contested divorce in Thailand as well as the divorce law in Thailand.

Common grounds on divorce are:

  • Absenteeism in the marriage that caused marital relationship damage.
  • Child Custody issues and conflicts such as property ownership.

When problems such as the above occur. It will be difficult to deal with it privately, court intervention will be necessary which ends with dispute in your marriage. For those whose marriage been completed overseas and have been residing in Thailand. Then a contested divorce must be applied as well.

Divorce applies for Thai couples also with foreign couples. Mostly, divorce for Thais are filed as uncontested divorce to avoid issues and concerns between both parents. This also within their families. They come up into mutual agreement and have settled things privately without the need for legal assistance. However, if there are deeper issues that would lead to a more specific arrangements between the parties. Then, the couple decides to seek assistance from a lawyer to draft the divorce agreement. This will then be registered at the local district office.

contested divorce in ThailandMarriages between Thai and foreigner in Thailand has been growing and have been greatly known to all. The uncontested divorce is most likely the choice of many which has been the easiest way or form of divorce in Thailand. However, one must be aware that this type of divorce may not be recognized in all other countries. Some may recognize such but still best to seek legal advice to avoid problems in the event of remarriage.

It is strongly advised to seek legal assistance for foreigner couples who wish to file for a divorce in Thailand. This way to avoid conflicts and issues in the future.

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