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Divorce Law in Thailand

If you are married and live in Thailand then you will need to understand the divorce law in Thailand. There are two options when getting divorce. The first is the most common with expats and this is an administrative divorce. This can be done at the amphurs office where you have a divorce agreement drafted. Most lawyers in Thailand will draft the divorce agreement. There is no litigation in this process as both parties agree with the agreement.

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Divorce Lawyer in Thailand

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Thailand? If you are going to get divorced in Thailand then speak to a lawyer in Thailand for proper legal advice and assistance. There are a number of issues with getting divorced and these are covered on this website. See the break down below for more information.

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Marriage Annulment in Thailand

Marriage annulment in Thailand? Voidable marriages in Thailand are not very common. These marriages may have occurred if one of the parties had been threatened to marry another. Forced marriages or marriages under duress are voidable marriages. Any marriage that had been done under duress needs an annulment and not a divorce.

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Prenuptial Agreements

Speak to a divorce lawyer in Thailand about the advantages of a Thai prenuptial agreement. The agreements are not very common in Thailand. This as Thai law regulates the property in marriage differently as would be done in the West. If you are going to be taking your Thai wife back home then a prenuptial agreement is very important if you have large property or pension and investment funds back home.

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Divorce by Mutual Consent

Many divorces in Thailand are divorce mutual consent. At times there are arguments about access to children and property however many times this can be avoided. The divorce by mutual consent requires a written agreement that needs to be signed by both divorcing parties and this needs to be handed in at the district office where you had been married. Seek legal advice from a divorce lawyer in Thailand before you proceed.

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Insanity and Divorce

Insanity and Divorce is very costly. If you are claiming that your Thai wife is insane and this being the bases for the divorce. Then it is a long and costly process as your wife would need to be declared insane. With this order made by the family courts in Thailand. This for a curator as well as an order for child custody. Speak to a divorce lawyer in Thailand about this before you embark on this process.

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